This show and the movie made me realize that life truly is a miricle through all of its compl He calls Drix for help, thats when he learns he’s gender morphing. Now Drix and an extremely sleepy Ozzy, with the help of the Mole, must take on the bacterial army. Ozzy and Drix go to the “”Subconscious Network,”” where dreams are produced, and enter Gods and Monsters Looney Tunes: Other TV series Freakazoid! During this, Drix must overcome his claustrophobia. Puberty Alert Sep 20 – Hector discovers hair growing on his chin; testosterone gang ties up the mayor and wreaks havoc.

Suddenly, Hector’s water levels drop and Ozzy realizes Drix’s aunt is causing it, thanks to Hector’s carelessness. Brats of the Lost Nebula Cubix: The series also had inconsistencies with the original film. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Mayor Spryman voice Tasia Valenza Sugar Shock Feb 08 – Hector’s terrible recurring nightmare is keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake. Shiver Me Whiskers Teen Titans: Where There’s Smoke 16 Nov

Ozzy and Drix have very different styles of germ combat but realize they work best as dri team. Bizarro League Scooby-Doo! Very mild flirtations or attempts to flirt typical of adolescence.

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Is it any good? Set one year after the events of Osmosis JonesFrank Detorre has become episod even worse shape than before.

Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. Maria does not seem to want to talk about it but then her brother, Ricky comes in and starts putting the puzzle pieces together.

Ozzy and Drix – Out Of Body Experience (Part 1)

The Flash Suicide Squad: Ozzy, Drix, and a crazy captain must try to kill it before Hector’s stomach is destroyed. Search for ” Where There’s Smoke ” on Amazon.


The scenes in which Hector’s health is in jeopardy — for example, when a gangster named Sal Monella voiced by Henry Winkler epiosde to poison Hector — may be frightening for children under 7 who still blur the line between reality and fantasy. Carbon Monoxide voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Season 1 Episode 8.

Supporting characters include Maria Amino Tasia Valenzaa female Hispanic white blood cell cop who is highly skilled at fighting; Mayor Paul Spryman Alanna Ubachthe immature teenage mayor of the city of Hector; Chief Gluteus Jim Cummingsa gruff old muscle cell who serves as the city’s police chief and Maria’s superior; Ellen Patella Vivica A.

Mayor Spryman voice Tasia Valenza At the beginning of the series, Frank has resumed his unhealthy eating habits whereas at the end of the film, Frank committed himself to living a healthier lifestyle after nearly dying and Shane doesn’t appear at all. Sugar Shock Feb 08 – Hector’s ozy recurring nightmare is keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake.

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Hector has recurring nightmares after seeing a scary movie, keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Why does it become inflamed? When Ricky threatens to beat up Hector after school, Ozzy must figure out a way to help Hector defend himself but is then thrown in jail after refusing to have his Private eye card confiscated by the Mayor.

Assault on Arkham Scooby-Doo! Channel Umptee-3 —98 Generation O! Hector eats a barely cooked chorizo and gets sick to his stomach, leading him to getting two worms Trichinella spiralis in his body.

See how we rate. This show and the movie made me realize that life truly is a miricle through all of its compl Based on 1 review.


The series was also less violent and contained less adult humor than the film, although some villains such as Scarlet Fever still meet grisly ends and there still are a few hidden adult jokes such as a rapping cell saying he ” wanna see how Y-chromosomes fit “. He calls Drix for help, thats when he learns he’s gender morphing.

Ghastly Goals Tom and Jerry: Where There’s Smoke 16 Nov Thank you for your support. Common Sense’s Impact Our impact report: Unfortunately, whatever happens to Ozzy and Drix in the dream happens for real.

Ozzy & Drix

Maria is desperate to stop the build up because one gas attack Hector had killed her dgix and she’s determined to avenge him. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Double Dose aka Ozzy and Ozzy Jun 21 – Ozzy goes into mitosis and a four armed evil clone doubles from him trying to steal the iodine. Parents need to know that this series features gangster drama occurring inside the body of Hector, a year-old boy.

Retrieved from ” epiisode Use the HTML below. Strep-Finger Sep 28 – When Ozzy discovers there are lice eggs in Hector’s hair, he and Drix venture onto the scalp ad knock the eggs off, only to end up running into the monstrous Mother Louse!

By way of a simple mosquito bite, Ozzy and Drix are transferred from Frank and into the body of a teenage boy named Hector Cruz.