Lissy February 22, at 4: Is this a glicth? Pan the camera view to the right to see the Quick Charger, which was the new Mystery Device. Or at least an island with Thor and Loki on it!!! Go back through vent System B you just went through, but this time stop halfway up the ladder. Thanks for the walkthrough…. Cool Kid January 15, at 8:

To knock it down, load the baseball thrower and get a bat from the rack. Night Watch really annoyed me because of all the different stores that you keep having to go through! If you follow this walkthrough you should be able to find all the hidden cards! Jolly Gifts – Card is inside an exploding confetti can by the register. Now, get on the scooter. Brave Sky January 17, at 6:

Time to get that scooter! We should put that word in a dictionary! I have been playing poptropica since the age of seven: Just, putting my opinion out there. Look now, at the cameras and see if you can see anything in the room.

This was realy helpful!

It’s the immensely valuable Honus Wagner card! The moving nigyt will keep you afloat while you torch the beige barrier into the System A vents.

Popular Bubbles March 30, at 5: At the elevator, press the button and head up to the 3rd floor. Maybe someone doesn’t want you to see something going on there. When the robot comes down the escalator, you run out and chase ror over to the fountain where he then crashes. Bendy Turtle January 15, at Walk off left and into Mall Left. Anyway, leave the store for now and we can investigate later.


Now the robber will be on a floating surface, so use the fan to float up chrats then use the blowtorch to cut down the bars on the left side.

Night Watch Island Guide

Look around the room, and focus on some boxes and helmets on the ground. Now, the other security guard calls you. Now you can leave the pet store. Use the key and enter it.

Mackenzie March 25, at 6: Climb the first ladder and melt the yellow door. Shy Sun April 9, at 7: There is also a step by step guide with pictures below.

Go to Slugger’s on the left side of the second floor and return the cards to the owner. Right after you pick it up, there is a phone call, answer it. Cool Claw March 15, at Crazy Flame January 18, at 7: Run up to the top floor and enter the store.

Cool Kid January 19, at 5: By The Way how does Gus know everything? Watxh robber is doing something with the printer! Exit the store and run left, to Mall Left. When I get the scooter and wait for hi behind the esculators he never comes why not have I gone to th wrong esculators can you give me a more detailed guide of that part because I cant finish the island. Once you have the phone, iwland will appear as an icon in the upper right, next to your backpack.


Night Watch Island Guide – Poptropica Help Blog

Daily Poptropica News Hey, guys. The scooter will be yours, but Follow the tunnel nitht and drop down onto the right side, next to the burglar.

Inside Carnival Costumes, go to the far left. What did I ever do to you? Inside PrintFax click on the copy machine.

Here is how you use it: After a couple of seconds, a Smart Phone will fall out. I know how you can ride the pickle in the fheats.

Poptropica Night Watch Island Bonus Quest – Walkthrough & Cheats

Once you get inside, go to the first tanning ixland, the snake will be inside, but he escapes again! Now, follow the directions you did earlier until you reach those 2 ladders, blowtorch the metal door between the 2 ladders.

Now, when you look in. Incredible Scorpion March 14, at 9: The robber is doing something with the printer! Go there and pick up the card.