But will she be able to forget him? Only You by crazee-animefwreak reviews Now entering high school, emotions go haywire. Since that, she lived with Ohtori’s. It’s not just random killing. When Tamaki and the others stumble upon a beaten and almost dead slave girl and she runs off, none of them ever expect to see her again. Brief Break by Hypercritical-Q reviews Miyagi decides that he and Shinobu-chin need to take a break so that Shinobu can straighten out his priorities Captivated by TheSilverEternity reviews Li Syaoran transfers to Tomoeda high school and finds that he has fallen in love with the girl in front of him.

A Friend’s Forgivenss by Houkiboushi reviews For all the days that had passed, this single moment will forever last. Oh, how very wrong they were Piano Man by ksuzu reviews No one can quite return to the past, but there are no bars to the future, either. Love Note by Akina Tsukana reviews Tired of holding his feelings inside, Hikaru decides to confess to her through a simple note. Confusion strikes when Tamaki lies to Haruhi that they were in a relationship. Enter Kyoya and Tamaki, her new housemates. Or does he only want to be friends? M for obvious reasons.

T – English – Friendship – Chapters: Will they be able to save Tokyo? Let’s read together what will happen. But things are different the two are now closer and their true feelings are a bit episodde in open.


Chapter 25 Fruits Basket – Rated: What happens to Haruhi’s feelings? Who can make me smile? Only You by crazee-animefwreak reviews Now entering high school, emotions go haywire.

Tamaki brings bitter news to Haruhi. Watching by Raining Eros reviews He was watching her again. Study Method by Animestar73 reviews Eiji and Fuji are studying one day, when Fuji introduces a new method. I don’t want to spoil anything. Leo is a pokemon master in the making who hates her, gpodanime she him Please Log In to post. Haruhi finds herself with the need to comfort Tamaki when she thinks he needs it most.

OT pick me some good anime.

Fujicest Prince of Tennis – Rated: The Time He Thought would Never Come by Akai-neechan gennis Yuu had wished for Hatori’s death more than once as he saw him stealing his Chiaki, but this was real, not a sick fantasy and not a dream.

How long will it take the Host Club to realize Kairi is actually a girl?

Loved me to pieces so long reviews Just wpisode short one shot of the SasukexNaruto. Now it was her turn to be there for him. Lil Wolf Syaoran 23 2.

Onsen Trip reviews YukinaxKisa. Engagement of a life time by Evelyn- Sangria reviews Haruhi is in a lot of trouble thanks to her father and her heart I wanna know what you guys think!

B reviews Ijuuin has finally given up on Takahashi Misaki, but what happens when the up and coming contract artist Yuu Yanase comes to help him in time to make his deadline for his famous manga “The Kan”? Also check episove hellsing, one of the better bloody animes IMO.


Fic centers around Tero couple but there are brief cameos involving Kamijou and the Dean. Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy. They Come and Go by Hikari Aiko reviews In life, people come and go, this is the story of one such girl and the boy’s life she touched, if only he remembered her.

Then see if oyu can find something good by checking pilot episodes of some other shows. Not goodankme you eat yours first! One twin brother is sick, what’s the other twin brother to do? ITHC, but reading that story is not required.

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Epsode one shot of the anime. Will Haruhi accept his confession? However, what happens when an unexpected visitorwhom Tamaki never knew about comes to Japan and enrolls in Ouran? Family, Romance, Holiday verse.