And anyone who flips off a Hallyu star for being an ass gets some points for sass. Posted July 4, He was caught in a love triangle with Kim Tae Jin and his wife in their youth. You guys already have so much on your plate, I don’t blame you for wanting to take things slow. D I wish I can transfer my energy to you.. It helped me stall for time so I could watch roof top! I fell in love with this drama at the scene where she looked outside her carwindow at him and you hear a beautiful back ground soundtrack while they look at eachother.

This first Ulsan drama production will be filmed in Ulsan. Having a kind heart, she hangs on to her beliefs that she will never abandoned the faith even once even if the people around her changes fundamentally. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This ending is very similar to the ending of Faith. Try these modern ones I know you said you aren’t much into them and you’ll really love them: This sounds like it’s going to a pretty good drama! The english subs for this drama are finally out!

Poor her losing for someone she doesn’t even know!

The first part of the show was so strongly done that I missed that dark, suspenseful vibe once we hit modernity. Baidu Chinese news and discussion thread – Do not take out, quote pics or re-post anything from their site without the Baidu’s posters’permission.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I was hoping you’d recap this!

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By zzainal Started August 10, The first three you listed, seem to be quite popular. Do you guys notice that KDramas are usually poor with their endings Ryu Sung Hoon Supporting Cast. For those who may be reading this for the very first time may ask onlinee is drsmacrazy sageuk drama?


I’m okay with you guys taking your time on this one, to be honest. Iviih April 25, at 7: I was scrolling down really quick through the pictures and I thought the second lead was Song Joong ki! Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

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Yes you are right. Anyone who posts these kind of requests, spam or break any of soompi forum rules will be reported to the mods immediately without any warning given. Soooo looking forward to the other episodes. Posted June 25, Korea before the split has a very rich ambotion colourful history and this history has served as a very rich source of material for very many sageuk dramas.

Politically, the camps divided: But as a strong charismatic father with four sons and a daughter, The Atlantic Group’s Company Chairman finds himself facing another dramacrrazy in life as his children fought to become his empire’s successor with the most aggressive person being Yoon Na Young, the wife of his third son and the daughter of an old friend who will stop at nothing to push her husband and son to the top of his succession list.

A tap on the shoulder sends him whirling. I was very excited about this drama because the current dramas aren’t very great.

The last episode if all the acolades are anything to go by is really something Now, she is Hye Jin’s foster mother who will never blame anyone nor others for any misfortunes that fall on them.


Will their end be stopped by their last remaining of feelings of love and humanity or will the family be completely destroyed by their queen hands?

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Dramacdazy you, i hope, really hope the show can stay this good till the end, cause i love the cast the 3 main characters at least. Other latest series I’d started but got fed up: What’s interesting to them turns out to be a waste of time for me.

This had been a bit off my radar simply because of all the talk about Faith vs. He later becomes a public prosecutor who must bring her down. Daniella April 25, at 3: Your email address will not be published. I already like the prostitute even though we only see so much of her. I tend to avoid melodramas too.

He is someone with a pure soul and has a habit of dancing out all his sweat and pain until he falls whenever he feels lonely or having a hard time to get rid of his unhappiness.

Cameras, lights, and men wearing Joseon-era hanbok, surrounded by men wearing modern clothing. May there be more moments like that with beautiful BGS!!