I absolutely think this is an issue that strongly needs to be dealt with and taken care of. This site uses cookies. Another highlight of the episode came around the end of the show. Kashf partnered with Farat Ishtiaq, Mehreen Jabbar and Momil Productions to create a serial to highlight the issues faced by real-life Kashf clients. Once again, the three are on the verge of starvation. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged , redirected , or deleted. In this way Shameem gets freedom or Rehaai from the society’s evil traditions making the show end on a happy note.

No matter what their financial situation, the family is united and considerate towards each other. Although Kulsum is Waseem’s second wife, Shehnaz adores Kulsum as her daughter instead of hating her. Like I said above, this was a much more digestible episode and on a whole it was pretty strong. Subscribe to receive new post. As I said above, the first episode was really powerful, yet at the same time extremely disturbing. You look exactly like me! All of a sudden, Inayat has realised what a gem his daughter, Kulsoom is. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

He is a mixture of epsiode, denial, anger and gratitude. Inayat offers up his own preteen child, Kulsoom as the bride, asserting that a younger woman can produce heirs much faster than an older woman such as Shehnaz. Things have started to look up for the family.

Rehaai Episode 13 – 10th June 2013

Although Kulsum is Waseem’s second wife, Shehnaz adores Kulsum as her daughter instead of hating her. Meanwhile, Waseem has run out of the house and has married Noor Jahan.


Danish Taimoor is amazing as Akmal. After helping her father, the painful memories of her childhood came running to her. Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting. By passing over the deeds of the shop to Noor Jahan, he got in a mess that he would never have seen coming. Shamim is capable of doing that and that is what makes her one of my favourite characters.

Another memorable performance has been added to his portfolio. At such points people really should ask themselves if they would let their own kids do such roles. His performance was splendid. First of all, how is this new Kulsoom 13?

Still his apology was sincere. All it took was one sentence to depict how much he ignored his children:. The last scene was the one which got me teary eyed.

Therefore, he threw constant tantrums, denying that he was paralysed and claiming that he could still earn and behave like he did earlier, mostly when his mother and his wives were discussing finances or talking about buying medicines for him. None of the episodes was boring or slow.

After a really long time, a serial that focuses on women liberation has been produced. How did she think that was going to happen? As Akmal he was an obedient son, a caring brother, loyal employee and a faithful lover. Even when she loses the baby, she is shown to be clueless? And this time, it seems like the change is permanent. Marvellous plot, superb direction and outstanding performances. He has started a business with his friend and is now flourishing.


He is one of the best amongst the young actors of our industry and is already a serious competition for the other artists.

Rehaai — Episode 1 | DRAMA PAKISTANI®

For the first time in years, a serial based on a serious social issue has been made and has effectively spread awareness.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The same Kulsoom whom he refused to give shelter. The very next day Shehnaz’s sister comes and asks Kulsum’s daughter’s hand for her son. As for Kulsoom, the only solution she can come up with is hiding herself from the world.

But then came Waseem, full of rage and threw away the sewing machine, which was the source of income of the household. Some might say that it was a bit idealistic but I think it was perfect, considering that the serial aimed to spread awareness and motivate women to work on their own and carve their own fate. She seems to have a mostly blank expression on her face.

Even after all that happened in the past, it was Akmal who came to help.

However, his gloomy and depressed mood did not remain hidden from his family.