Five Best Serials of the Year 52 Tips. Naagin delves into the life of Ritik. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ambica berates Bhabho and says that she will keep Sawri in her house! Just then, Gurumaa walks in with Amrit, and Bhabho asks Saloni and Amrit to give the daughters away in marriage. Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz. Daksh promises to prove Saloni’s innocence to everyone!

After many calls, Ashok is exasperated and tells Ramprasad that he is in a temple and will be getting married! Kasam is a story of star crossed lovers Rishi and Tanu who are destined to be together since birth. Aman’s father, Mahendra, tells Brijesh that he and his family are being insulted, so he must throw Pooja out. On the other hand, Shweta refuses to have dinner unless Bhabho apologises to her. The next morning, Bhabho asks Sawri to deck up Shweta. He gallops away on the horse. Bhabho asks Sawri to get the flowers, while they distribute sweets to the poor. Saloni gets married to Nahar

Shivanya is stuck between two extreme emotions — love and vengeance.

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Aman’s maternal uncle, Ashok, tells Mahendra that he has decided to return dirst their village, or memories of Sawri will haunt him.

Bhabho takes Aditya’s bag and she then asks Brijesh to have breakfast but he mutters that he killed his On the other hand, Bhabho comes to Shweta’s room with a glass of milk, so Sawri hides under the blanket pretending to be asleep. Meanwhile, Bhabho informs Shweta that she must forget Rajveer because she can never marry him! Meanwhile, Aman vows to seek revenge from Sawri.


Tara informs Shweta what a deceitful woman Saloni was and how she had disgraced their family! Tips on American Series 26 Tips. Dec 16, Meanwhile, Brijesh scolds Aditya for going out just when the boy and his family were going to come but Aditya asserts that he does not care about Shweta! However, Bhabho asserts that Sawri cannot stay in the house, so Shweta protests!

Shweta demands to know from Sawri who has pressurised her, but Sawri apologises for not talking to her about it. She phones Nahar, so he lies that he has an urgent meeting and asks her to return home with Varun. Shweta insists that Sawri also accompany her, so Aman sfaar annoyed.

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Daksh finds a letter from Saloni in which she mentions that she’s leaving home so that Bhabho and others will accept Rajveer. She asserts that she will live life the way she wants to, and asks Sawri to salono her. Sawri comes then, so Shweta asks her why she cannot enjoy her birthday, and complains about the gender discrimination!

Her suffering is not over yet. Home Shows Saat Phere Episode Tara is annoyed and walks away. Daksh promises to prove Saloni’s innocence to everyone!

Meanwhile, Aman’s paternal uncle Virst Kalra comes home. Saat Phere – Episode – Full Episode. Bhabho and Pia complain about Kamini’s short dress.


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She demands to know from her episods why they had lied about her mother being dead! Sawri and the family are stunned! Meanwhile, the engagement ceremony begins, and Narpat and his family arrive. On the other hand, Daksh asks Rajveer to support Shweta because he knows he still loves her.

Meanwhile, Shweta meets Rajveer and informs him that she is merely Saloni’s adopted daughter. The sqat morning, Brijesh pacifies a dejected Shweta and assures her that nothing can change the truth that she is the daughter of the house.

Aman is shocked to see the girl with Sawri. Shweta and Sawri then go the fair nearby with Vaidehi, Aman and his uncle. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. Dec 20, On the other hand, Saaloni confesses his eoisode for Sawri and proposes marriage to her, so she accepts his proposal. Aman’s uncle tries to touch Sawri but she is repulsed. Meanwhile, Sawri packs Aditya’s bag and shows Brijesh the box of stones.