Croix Traveler Rod Case St. Sorry, I am new here and haven’t done my profile or introduced myself. The rod just seams to work. You don’t need a snubber or have to let off the drag to fight the fish. Call or visit our retail store today! They are Ugly Stick Ultra-lites. Great in the ocean for jigging or trolling. Our saltwater fishing rods come in all sizes, from 7-foot Star Delux fishing rods made with premium E-glass for boat trolling, to foot Shimano Tiralejo surf spinning rods with stainless steel frames.

I couple my kokanee rods with one of several old reels from my bass fishing days that have direct drive features. The rod is in new condition. I’ve generally stayed away from the pricey rods because I know how rough I am and know it is “when” and not “if” I break a tip off at some point. The span wrap construction is important when a fish takes off to the side, the rod will resist twist better than any rod we have tested. Croix and Berkeley too! Anybody use the Diawa Heartland series Kokanee rods? Okuma More from this Seller. More refinements More refinements

Species- and technique-specific actions provide the definitive rod selection for salmon, steelhead, trout, kokanee, halibut and sturgeon.

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Serirs one to sell? Does paying more get you more or just a feeling that if it is more expensive it MUST be better? I’ll be picking up a couple more soon. I will be giving them a try and see if I like them a I have also wrapped up 4 Calstar BT 7′ they seem to be a better blank. Same would go for factory rods that are bucks.


I am a firm believer in the theory that if I spend more on tackle in the off season I’ll catch a lot more fish in the spring.

Croix 3S80MLM2 blank with excellent results.

Id like to get a couple Vance tackle spiral rods i looked at them the last 2 years and really like them. Click here to login.

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Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Buying Format see all. Used my 8 ft med action G. The jury is still out but Excellent back bone and sensitive tip for the best action of any rod we have constructed.

This is my only expensive rod that I own. The blank is available from Seeker distributors. Is it an old one or did you build seekker recently? If you want a quality trolling rod at an economical price, the Daiwa Wilderness is an ideal choice.


Seeker blank question

It seemed though that I was losing my kokes with this rod. They are also red, so its easier to serues a fish hit the lure which is nice when you are sitting back drinking an ice cold Pepsi made with real sugar and the rod suddenly goes Fish On!! But lots of fun. I use one on a Fetha Styx rod I have and really xeries like them together. Last year I went cheaper and built a koke rod on A Batson 7′ serjes glass blank ,this rod caught the NC State record koke.


Custom Saltwater Offshore Trolling fishing rod. They have the backbone for the big Kokes Flaming Gorge and allow you to land the fish without tiring it out so much that it kills the fish if you release it.

Only have been able to get them on the water once so far. I think they are as good as anything out there. AFDan is also using Vance’s spiral wraps ‘s. Posts which are inflammatory, insulting, or that fail to include a proper name and email address will be removed and the persons responsible will be barred from further participation.

Rod length is 6ft with butt attached. Bluefin Tuna, Lb. Atits just a bot too long. View All [Black Hole Rods]. I just built a trout spin rod on the 3 wt yellow lami fly blank. It is so thin, you can see through it.