Ella Zala October 19, at I did miss the early comedy, but they sold the emotion so much that in the end it was just all about them earning their happy ending. This will be one of my all time fave kdrama! Cerita Lucu – Humor Menu. Haha October 25, at 3: Eun-oh starts to argue that Mu-young told him a way to go without dying phew! Would definitely want to see that:

Perhaps we can discuss other possibilities that can tie up the whole story, make perfect sense and please the viewers at the same time. And if you are Muist, then there are definite bits of mixing with Buddhism as it picked up reincarnation noted by both Muists and Anthropologists. All the subbers are awesome! She came to know her truth, and to know who she was. Muism also picked up ancestor worship later in the timeline. I thought this episode rehashed a bit too much. Thanks JB and GF for the wonderful and witty recaps! The non-existence issue is one of the premises set out in this drama’s world and it was already mentioned right at the beginning in Episode 3.

To live in a world of only their own together would be too much favouritism, even Kings cast little attention in the afterword of events, let alone Gods. The next day, Eun-oh speaks with an air of finality to Dol-swe and the Bangs, thanking them for looking after him and asking them to keep up their hard work in the future.

What are you gonna do?! Nah, I don’t think the reincarnation thing was a way out of a corner.

What a world of difference with Arang. But EO’s master comes back to him in a dream and tells him of a quandary That face though is one that knows his cake when he sees it. Messing around, here’s an alternate ending that may work.

He grabs her hand and thr running back through the forest. Joo-wal comes by to witness the rest of the scene, though nobody pays him any heed.


It would be quite cute to have him love her despite all those formidable and pretty much unbelivable stuff about past lives and thinking that they saved the gods together. Yes, the last scene had a seed of an interesting idea – reincarnation and all. Joongirl October 20, at 3: I can find it. I love this drama very much. One by one, Eun-oh takes care of the ghosts. But the pair, being informed that all eposode were a big no-no in heaven, manage to wrangle a let-us-get-another-life-on-earth-instead deal from Jade E.

Thank you for the recap!

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Kiara October 19, at 6: A new memory surfaces: There is another point; both are the same sort of beings, living on borrowed “time”. Then the Book of Life and Death will answer you. I would die just to spend 1 night with him. If science holds true. It’s a wonderful gift by the gods to mortals who helped them big time, considering all traces of your past life is to be erased.

The reincarnated Eun-Oh and Arang ending may not be the most satisfying, but it is the only logical one. When Joowal threw her over the cliff, she was already a former ghost and could not die so that is why she didn’t die that time.

The guard warns him that once he enters, he has a time limit—and if he fails to find his answer, he will be unable to sinosis to his life. A crazy pary spinning a crazy tale, having him really not believing in the existences of the supernatural this lifetime 22 he so pretended spisode insisted in his last — yet he loves and adores her in this life despite all of it.

Tina October 20, at ShinRaeMi07 October 19, at 7: In a way there is, because the host body must be willing.


D Drama comeback since Rooftop Prince. Precisely because the details of the resolution have not been properly chewed out, so to speak. I was totally satisfied here, but absolutely hated Rooftop Prince’s reincarnation ending. That said, I am still content – because I didn’t have to cry in the end.

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I mean living as a Goat in Heaven The characters were fun and the plot was interesting. In the end, it all came back to him and he regretted. So even though his new incarnation as reaper is rather grim hur hur sihopsis, it eases my mind a bit knowing that he does get another existence. For an end that is happy but entirely — satisfactory?

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I agree that they got the reincarnation ending right with this one. That’s superb speed, thought I need to wait till my noon time before I can read it ;D Will further comment after reading the recaps.

Ella Zala October 19, at Reincarnation is definitely not something that is out-of-the-blue in this particular drama. Mu-Yeon clearly has more law-abiding traits in common with her “brother” than one could’ve guessed to have thought Heaven such a place. That defeats the meaning of deus ex machina.

A flashback shows us how Eun-oh had named his request: Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode Seorang ayah yang selalu melindungi.

But, sadly, it is nowhere constructive.