Yet the evidence of more children with Suk-won is clear. I hate this dire conversation. She stands up and rushes out of the room. The kitchen maid hands over the tray. The queen and the concubine Kim have been putting their heads together in an attempt to frighten me into putting away Chang, but I saw through the plan. Since I have taken the concubine Chang [Jang under the old Romanization system] it has been still more unendurable. Ok Jung stares out of the palanquin as it makes its way through the palace. The King says he will not overturn the death sentence.

For me the show ended when In Hyun died. Actually, i hate the suk won here with her bratty smile… And i think that she ruined this drama… Maybe because i watched dong yi first so i like this suk won character, but her personality is far different from dong yi… In dong yi, she is so lovely, but here she is so mean. Suk Won, the King, and the retainers enter the room and are shocked to see the partially standing altar. But beware, as the world of Joseon politics is a bloody and unsure thing. The protests continue into the night, becoming louder and louder. Ok Jung starts to cry at the revelation that the King has saved her. Lee Soon surveys the place where he was once so happy.

She tells the King she has something to ask him- will elisode protect their son to the very end and make him as great a king as he is?

Lee Soon quietly calls her name over and over, telling her he loves her. Ok Jung pleads for them to believe her- she only called in a shaman to save the Prince from small pox. Thanks for such an amazing acting.

Jin tells her a ship from China has just arrived and they need to get on the ship to depart. The girl gives her bratty smug smile and leaves.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I should be more specific in that I hate this fictional xinopsis of Suk Won, not the actual historical figure. At their words Lee Soon tells them they are crossing the line- if one of them brings this up again he will kill them. But he has another motive- he wants father in law to bring Ok Jung to him as an offering.


Still love the first 13 episodes, and I finally watched the last episode. Master Jin gives father in law an IOU lovee an enormous sum of money. She demands to know what happened and where they are. These two characters had a million reasons why they could not be together which gave me a million reasons why I cheered for them to live happily ever after. The retainers demand that Ok Jung is made to drink poison as punishment for her crime. Thanks for your recap! I want to do more than just punch Suk Won!

Lee Soon is beyond pissed at this suggestion but remains silent, a pained look on his face. He sees Ok Jung walking out of her room- he begins to cry at the reality of the situation.

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He stops on the bridge and we hear a voice over of his thoughts:. It literally made me sick to see them together all lovey dovey while my favourite character In Hyun suffered so much. But I still hated to see her die, which tells me that this character got to me in a powerful way- I cheered for her, I cried with her, and I wanted her to have a happy ending.

And that Suk Won — the historical person — was a totally different girl and actually really liked Ok-jung and became a comfort for Lee Soon as they sat around talking about how awesome Ok-jung was and totally stuck it to the retainers for being such classist snobs.

The first thing is that when reading about the true history is how it fits strangely into the theory that King Sukjong loved Jang Ok Jung way more than history admits. Father in law one stops the torture and questions her.



Suk Won, the King, and lve retainers enter the room and are shocked to see the partially standing altar. Tears flow down her cheeks as she drinks; before she can finish the bowl she grasps her throat, the poison taking effect. I really, really, really adore Ok-jung, so the fan club is definitely a go!

The shaman who conducted the ritual is being tortured along with the maids; she suddenly says she has something to confess. Ok Jung stares out of the palanquin as it makes its way through the palace. Before Ok Jung can go back inside the man himself arrives.

Father in law one says something is bothering him- he thinks the King must have some other plan. That I know but jing I will remember this show remains to be seen. They tefakhir, they learned, and I really feel like I just spent ten years with these two as they went through hell and back. But still that girl was so annoying.

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She holds out the doll for the retainers and the King to jnug. Yet the evidence of more children with Suk-won is clear. To drink poison will protect the future of her son and Lee Soon.

Ok Jung tells her she can come, she would be happy to have her there. I have to say I like this telling better.

I am really starting to hate those ever protesting scholars. Now what shall we do?

You are commenting using your WordPress. I stopped crying, then wrote up my reaction and started crying again. She stands and makes one last bow.