Upon learning Sadam’s plan, Rin decides to revive the Night Watchmen, a group of soldiers that, at the time of his father, faced monsters and spirits, but were killed with the advent of the new king: Sadam controlling spirits and ghosts came to my mind because of how Soloman controlled the ghosts and made them build the building. He leaves and the gift falls from his hand. The following things are meant to happen. He kisses her, actually smacks his lips on her and she opens her eyes. He silently watches Rin.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here When the tower is complete he will use the Shaman and Souls to awaken the Dragon. The people are over worked due to the construction of the tower thus they are mostly tired and also taxed heavily. She tells So Hyun this is bad stuff. Who told Ki San that Moo Suk is a ghost hunter? Ki San wants more workers. Rin asks for forgiveness from his father.

Nooooo the over protective eunuch.

The Night Watchman – Episode 2 (A WTFCap)

Do Ha gives him, her shaman bells. Retrieved March 3, Ki San is back at the construction site.

Bla blabla bla she can die. Do Ha sits alone. When EC Evil Clone Doha stole the Snake Staff from the good guys and they tried to stop her the latest member of the Brotherhood went and said something th the lines that he always suspected, never trusted or knew that the Red one was the Evil One.


Sadam looks at his dead fury cat. Views Read Edit View history. Ki San insults him and calls him a bug.

SINOPSIS The Night Watchman / Journal Episode 1- Terakhir

Little ghost asks Rin to forget about the revenge and leave the city. October 4, at 9: He tells Sa Watch,an the fake one has the staff. Like Liked by 1 person. Rin is ecstatic and wants to see his father.

By the time Sang Hyun reaches the king, he is already sinopsie. She does have a few other skills but nothing great at the moment. He took care of him and the position Moo Suk holds his because of him. Moo Suk on his suspicions asks evil minister about the incident with the king.

We thought we will get awesome training but the team got a tattoo on their arms and some toys to play with.

Ki San arrives and asks what are they cooking? Voices in his head tells him to kill the queen as she is not a faithful woman. Is it how to return Rin is place? King asks Rin to kill the beetle. The only reason I even got that was thanks to the subs.


Rin stops the bitch fight that was about to happen and here I thought Rin was a fun guy. He silently watches Rin.

Diary of a Night Watchman [1] Hangul: Rin tells that the workers are tired. The king asks sinppsis to move and fights him. To be honest Hte have just recently started reading your recaps so I am unaware from when you started referring to her as an Evil Priestess.

I laughed so hard that I forgot to laugh. For this purpose, Sadam convinces the king to reopen a door sealed long ago to prevent resentful ghosts to enter, and the town is again haunted.

SINOPSIS The Night Watchman / Journal Episode 1- Terakhir

Time to have some more weapons. They are sure Sadam is behind this. Do Ha pays a visit to her.