After he leaves, Yuuki confides to Switch her past in her middle school: The directing was really strange Later, in order to help Usami and her dislike of men, the Sket Dan and the student council crossdress. The Quest Dance is nice too.. Will their dates go well? A writer for a local newspaper is coming to interview and take a photo of the Sket-dan, and Himeko demands that Bossun get his hair cut. Lol who the hell wants to be Slime.

Bossun may have a way with words, but these clients were born with their feet in their mouths! Finding the Hilltop Pelolin! Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. In a moment of spite stemming from jealousy, though, Kazuyoshi sends Switch and Sawa off on their own to buy personal protection items. The videos show his young mother, a women pretty named Haru, and a man who looks just like him I also want Ayano to come back: This was good, in a lot of ways. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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But the Student Council also takes on the same request, and the battle is on! Second part was hilarious,Tsubaki shaved his hair remember? The Quest Dance is nice too. Bossun is bummed that Himeko and Switch each have joined up with bands to participate. Later, after being abandoned himeki the girl he was with, Kobayashi spots a beautiful girl standing alone by a fountain outside, and hits on her.

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XD too bad for Bossun but they looked pretty cool. A man of few words and many offstandish dancf, “Dante” perhaps poses the greatest riddle of all More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sket-dan try to help by playing children’s games with her, but it isn’t until she and Himeko accidentally drink one of Chuu-san’s drugs that they can really experience their childhood all over again! Tetsu comes and asks the Sket-dan to himekk with someone in his place.


The Sket Dance help Captain rekindle a broken friendship by helping her find a lost tin of candy drops after she gave one to the boy Akina likes! Yamanobe-sensei is back, and now he’s trying to get everyone in the Himdko to play a nutty board game called Hyperion.

In the conclusion of the mind-switching school trip arc and the first arc finale, Saaya asks Bossun Himeko What he thinks of Himeko. Himeko as Chuu-san was awesome! She wants the Sket-dan to help her stop being so snotty around boys and Bossun becomes the test subject! The Sket-dan is having fun trying to take their minds off the upcoming midterms, when they hear rumors of a mysterious DVDD that will curse you with bad luck if you watch it.

They sure did a good job animating the conversations they had. Meanwhile, Switch is keeping an eye out for Saaya, Tsubaki is acting like a cat, and Chuma is making a cure for Bossun and Himeko.

The Sket-dan ends up getting hooked on the one game he owns for it, but something smells fishy about it Roman, who’s just made her manga debut! In the second Arc finale, Switch’s “origin story” continues as Sawa-chan goes to young Switch and his older brother for help from a stalker.

But when the President makes a mess of his prized bronze bust, the principal will be in for a whole different kind skef surprise I wondered whether that scene would appear in the actual show ever since the first time this opening was shown.


Fumi-chan is a great artist, but what will happen when she tries to emulate Roman’s style of manga?! Himeko becomes the new Pelocan campaign girl for dacne TV commercial, but her sudden stage fright threatens to derail the whole thing!

It just wonders to me how Bossun really thinks about Himeko.

Bossun thinks he can get popular if he becomes the model for the main character of a manga, but everything he says ends up being way too “boring” and “plain”. Can Shinzou somehow rectify his samurai beliefs with modern garb? Can the Sket-dan help him find love? Bossun may bssun a way with words, but these clients were born with their feet in their mouths!

However the drug has very specific instructions to work. Retrieved May 12, Can Agata save his sister on his last day as president? In a moment of spite stemming from jealousy, though, Kazuyoshi sends Switch and Sawa off on their own to buy personal protection items. Three days later, Tsubaki officially replaces Agata, and in a speech a he says he will make Kaimei High a better school with everyone’s himmeko, getting a big applause.

I thought the futon scene was done really well in the anime. Retrieved 24 April