Your parents are waiting for you as well. Click here to learn more. I’m worried about her if she’s crying somewhere. Episode 96 Episode After following Smile Dong Hae I am curious how’s the new drama storyline. And thanks to all the other contributors as well. Kim begins to suspect something is going on with her husband.

BY, Mother is with my uncle now. DB, She just left. I’ll think of it as if you abandoned me and our baby. As the cast assuredly must have been saying, it is her delightful presense that drove the series. Its been 2 months but Dong Hae and Anna return on the day of Saewa’s wedding. SO, Oh no, I forgot to tell you. Although this drama has ended more than 2 weeks ago, I still can’t get over it.

And Oh Ji Eun as a kind-hearted girl was sweet.

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BY, Come on DS. Now I wish you and James happiness. Kim forces Dong Hae to withdraw from the cooking competition which angers the TV network. Episode 69 Episode So the episodes timeline is pretty much the same or even slower than real time.

Although, I’m not smart, but I know that James you like the President. PJ, Oh my You’re Get rid of the decorations and make a new one by noon. I can’t let her leave! Our SIL passed the bar exam and our daughter is a famous model. I didn’t see the last episode left- if he indeed said that about her, then all that I can say smiel that he said it to let Anna go in the best way the authors knew how. Just as the cooking competition ends, Dong Hae comes out from broadcasting station, and his parentage is revealed to Hye Suk.


Dongbae, Yes I am. Dong Hae leaves for Hinan of China.

I won’t be someone in your memories. This was a fun agzin. James is looking for you. TH, Make way she’s my wife! Your mother has been taking care of me well. Episode 23 Episode Kim Jun’s injuries from the car accident are severe and may take some time for him to recover. You should stand by him no.

He said that you’re like air to him and I’m just someone in smjle past. By jinkzzmec Started January 13, Hye Suk feels uncomfortable after she realizes Mal Sun met Anna and asked her why her parents died. Thank you very much. After following Smile Dong Hae I am curious how’s the new drama storyline. Dojin is injured in his fight with Dong Hae and Sulnyeo tries to sabotage Dong Haes chances of staying at the hotel. I have a favor to ask of you. SO, The oders increase more and more.

James finds out Anna has a relationship with Dong Hae but when he finds out Dong Hae is his son, its almost too much to bear. Episode 42 Episode SW don’t you think?

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The Lee family must decide what to do about the ultimatum put before them by Mrs. Episode 1 Episode 1. KN, The Groom and the Bride will enter.


Whose son are you? Kim Jun has been asked to host the nightly news but Saewa can’t let that happen or Anna might see him. But, they can’t show their true feelings in front of Cho’s couple.

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Episode 6 Episode 6. Noomma, you mean KBS World agaim censored some interesting part of this drama?! Hye Suk implores Kim Jun to have a surgery.

The new assistant head chef, Yujin, has her eyes set on Dong Hae. Do Ji Won Main Cast.

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Give them a big hand. Episode 86 Episode You can epiaode tell that her background as a dancer made all the difference in making her character come to life. Mal Sun is shocked after she knows Dong Bak died from heart attack.

SO, Is it already time fpisode go? I love you all from my heart. Dojin and Dong Hae continue to fight every chance they get. Episode 67 Episode Episode 74 Episode