The boys are more in love with her than anything else, using their exam marks as an excuse to talk to her. I think Ah In had fallen asleep while he was laying down Even though 4 more episodes would have been too much for Micky to do, i think even 1 more episode or a half-hour longer last-episode would have smoothed some parts out. And how can I not mention the Jalgeum Quartet when they were the reason I tuned in every week? I know there are many who hated it and dismissed it as pure fanservice. Jang Se Hyun Supporting Cast. Birdie November 11, at Meanwhile, over in another part of town, Yong-ha is doing his best to contain the scholars.

So what’s he going to do? And where is our hero of the hour? Sun-joon lays down the compass that the king gave him. Not only did it have a huge cast, it was also playing with a lot of heavy themes and multiple storylines. Maybe I should give it another chance? There was political intrigue, historical intricacies and social commentary as well.

Yong Ha suddenly appeared and told him that something went wrong. What would you be doing if you found out that the love of your life is on death row?

All right, I must admit that the last episode sort of spoiled everything for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sun Joon looked at him questioningly, and Yong Ha noticed the broken mirror on the floor. Because there is no hope scandql the new Joseon you dream of.

I wanted to beg forgiveness for those cold and hungry and lonely times.

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If one takes a single step back, that person must then take two steps back to cover up that misstep. Oh Chosun, I thought you knew better than this. And woah, that’s me projecting right there Miss the quarter already!!!!


Edit Storyline Nation’s highest educational institute and the oldest university xungkyunkwan East Asia that has distinguished history of years; it is Sung-kyun-kwan University. He looked at Scandao Ha in alarm. It looks like wishful thinking on my part though because I am nowhere close to saving my country not that it needs saving in the first place. My brain is still unable to reconcile you with Micky Yoochun.

Thank you all for the awesome recaps! He was too idealistic and too much of a Romanticist to be advisor to the king. When we first met, you had a huge stick up your ass and there were times I wanted to beat you on the head with it.

He overhears Woo Tak and Hae Won talking about him and offers the latter an olive branch, his brief stint in prison having made him realise that it can get pretty lonely without a friendly face around. Thank you for valuing filial piety to a pretty great extent. Use the HTML below. Epissode started out as a snob, but his snobbishness was different from the rest. Over in another part of town, an unsuspecting Yong-ha finds himself summoned by Hyo-eun.

Your email address will not be published. For you to step out of line. The emperor said that Guem Da Ji Sa was right in the chest, and he looked like he was going to open it, when the Minister of Law barged in and told xcandal that the Guem Da Ji Sa [ was found by Yoon Hee who was episose girl] but before he could finish, the emperor said “The Guem Da Ji Sa could not be found.


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Sun Joon actually begged his father to help him and his father did, by asking the other Norons to accept the existence of Guem Da Ji Sa. He’s not just any normal guard ] Sungkyujkwan the Green Messenger and pulled off his mask, only to realise it’s a her.

She reflects on the past, thinking back to their first meeting as well as all the other times when it should have occurred to her sacndal Yoon-hee was not who she appeared to be. Sungkyunkwan Scandal was a drama that was as flawed as it was endearing.

And for you to throw me away as well.

Or at the least, couldn’t he have been living with Jae-Shin? Is it one of the best dramas of ? But this K-drama trapped me!

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The characters are so dear to me that I felt like letting go of friends. Like you said, it probably could have been more smoother with 24 episodes instead of I think MJS gave such an emotional performance. I don’t know from where this joke comes, I haven’t tried Korean glue, either.