They appear to desire peace and rational thinking. Actual uniforms that look like they are simply designed to be comfortable to work in for many hours on end, period. Other than that, the main thing about this episode which sticks in my mind was the nonsensical way in which the Andorians alternated between watching everyone like hawks, and ignoring them to the extent that they could teleport people into the room unnoticed. The Andorians lock up the away team with the Vulcan monks, who explain that the Andorians, neighbors of Vulcan, believe that P’Jem holds a long-range sensor array, and the arrival of T’Pol and Enterprise has unfortunately amplified their suspicions. Thanks for that info about the future of the monastery according to ST online. Picture Gallery Stephen Culp:

If you factor in the millions of possible dishes from other worlds that the Vulcans must know about it, this portrayal seems ridiculous. Weapons Officer can’t figure out what to do about the hostage situation before Tucker calls him with instructions, who needs him? We find ourselves re-evaluating the meaning of some scenes. Against T’Pol’s advice, Archer decides to beam down to an ancient retreat for Vulcans seeking the spiritual enlightenment of Kohlinahr. More likely is that the whole concept of the artifact being thrown into the tunnel is to pad out the script and draw out the conflict. Shran escapes into the Reliquary, where a fire-fight reveals a large modern door. More like, intense and often bordering on depressing, but captivating.

He’s very serious and borderline cruel, and while Combs can do that fine too, it’s just not as much fun to watch. Jo Jo Meastro Tue, Jan 21,9: It also makes me think of the European Union and the NATO and many other continental or even worldwide attempts by different cultures to coop and collab over the last few real centuries.

It would be very improper for a young woman in a tight body suit to visit a monastery, where thd the clerics are celibate. He would go on to become one of the Federation’s earliest presidents.

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I’ve always enjoyed this episode. It’s obvious he’s suspicious of the Vulcans from the very beginning, but he keeps a lid on it, in part because he might be wrong and in part out of respect for T’Pol, who introduces himself and Tucker as her distinguished guests. The ending has shown cqst the Vulcans can be secretive, militaristic, and persuasive liars.

This was the first of many way too many episodes in which Archer is being interrogated, and his cocky demeanor in each case always regurgitating gibberish, which would annoy me to high heaven as well is so excruciating that I vicariously enjoyed the beatings he got from the interrogators he was torturing. Soval played by actor Gary Graham was the Vulcan ambassador to Earth from the s to the s.


Mysticism is by definition irrational and illogical. I’d like to icnident a peaceful solution too, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Paul York Sat, Cst 12,8: Got to knock Scott’s acting here. One of the finest shots of the episode features a dissolve from Tucker’s crude triangular map of a pattern of lights he icident in the catacombs to the trio of holes that created it from the openings in a giant mural of a face.

It is sort of hard to think of them as the near-equals of the Vulcans, given how little we’ve seen of them in subsequent series. Add the first question. Use the HTML below. Travis Mayweather played by actor Anthony Thw was a Human Starfleet officer who served as the primary watch helmsman during the historic voyage of Enterprise NX, holding the rank of ensign.

Most of Star Trek including Enterprise S1 was created in times where things were coming together instead of falling csst. I know at this stage Starfleet haven’t quite developed the Picard level of diplomacy, but any idiot knows to be quiet and respectful in that kind of place even without T’Pol’s more detailed advice which he mostly ignored.

Enterprise season 1 episodes American television episodes. He’s lamentably absent from the conclusion, probably so Reed gets something to do for a change; I say forget Reed and stick with the incideng three, because they’ve got better chemistry and much more interesting personalities.

Cloudane Sat, Jan 26,8: Retrieved September 4, I wish they did more with them but I’m still happy with the result. The whole procession of plot is pretty much routine, but some characterization in between the moments of planning andoriaj appreciated and beneficial. Yanks Thu, Jul 14,8: Michael Mon, Jan 28,3: The Andorians seem rather like the original Klingons, which could make them interesting or hopelessly derivative depending on how much else we see of them.

During the ensuing firefight, Archer discovers a secret door casf leads to a room filled with equipment — the surveillance post Shran claimed all along was hidden within the retreat. This cats an inexperienced captain, it’s a moron. I’ve actually enjoyed re-watching the series so far. T’Pol describes the Andorians as “paranoid,” and she initially seems to be right. Views Read Edit View history.

She also explains the strict visit protocols—they should not speak to anyone unless spoken to first, nor touch any relics.


In Hollywood Reporter ranked “The Andorian Incident” the th best Star Trek episode, noting how it established the story for the Andorians and Vulcans in the series.

The Andorians lock up the away team with the Vulcan monks, who explain incidrnt the Andorians, neighbors of Andotian, believe that P’Jem holds a long-range sensor array, and the arrival of T’Pol and Enterprise has unfortunately amplified their suspicions.

Betcha didn’t expect that, I’ve moved onto Babylon 5 now Why? As such, he worked closely with the Vulcans, who were supervising humanity’s progress andorizn space. Did you ever make it through Babylon 5? Full Cast and Crew.

Silik played by actor John Fleck was a senior official of the Suliban Cabal during the s. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. We can all understand Archer’s personal attitude towards the Vulcan’s but that’s a personal vendetta and shouldn’t have bled over to his role as Captain as much as it did.

The whole thing with the Vulcans, especially with this episode now, to me screams “see what the Vulcans actually learned from humans, cooperating in Starfleet”.

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Anrorian most obvious example is the whole game with the big stone face in the wall. Alien questions also end with upwards pitch, alien cusswords are also short with hard plosives But you can expect a lot of talk as well. The hot-headed buffoon you see handling situations with the grace and tact of a wounded bull in this episode is pretty much the Captain you get for the rest of the show Search for ” The Andorian Incident ” on Amazon.

To put it simply, almost every alien language in the entirety of Star Trek except for e. BP Bergsma Fri, Aug 3,3: What’s perhaps a bit unfortunate is that some of Combs’ best strengths as a performer aren’t allowed to come into play for this role.

As we already knew, the Enterprise is best commanded by an Englishman. We’ve been programmed since Trek’s inception to know that Vulcans are much stronger than humans, but yet Archer knocks one cold just like that?