Duke 79 episodes, Nisha Nayar The gang are delighted to see the back of boring Sid, but soon learn they should be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, and this time, there’s no Tracy Beaker to save them, as she is banned from the house. Meanwhile, Amber moves into Tracy’s bedroom when she graffiti’s her bedroom wall, adding to the chaos created by Elaine. But a food fight soon ruins the dress – and jeopardises Justine’s part in the wedding. When Tracy is invited to a hotel function by Elaine, she is reunited with her old enemy, Justine Littlewood, and the pair soon realise they have been set up to portray Elaine as one of the best social workers. Franchise TV series characters.

But he’s tricked when Amber gets to the tape before he can, and alarmed when she begins to fuel rumour and suspicion about the subjects discussed by the staff – It’s time for Tracy to take actions. Jackie 55 episodes, Lisa Coleman Come back here or teddy gets it. Franchise TV series characters. But Ben’s aunt Kate, under the pretence Tracy is a spoilt rich girl, issues Tracy a few home truths. Meanwhile, Lol and Bouncer try to restore Sid’s sense of humour, not really to much avail. The episodes returned in September , and on 2 December , Tracy Beaker: A man called barney lives with a blue bear who’s always behaving badly.

Final appearance of Hayley Kristal Lau. But as they are led on a secret trail, it soon becomes clear that they have been set up by Sid and Duke, and Tracy and Cam receive a spectacular surprise.

This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat She swears never to see or talk to her again. Retrieved 6 April But Lol soon becomes a rival to Tracy. It consists cgbc twenty-six, fifteen-minute episodes.

But a food fight soon ruins the dress – and jeopardises Justine’s part in the wedding. Edit Storyline Tracy Beaker is a 10 year old child, who was placed in a children’s home.

But Bouncer has the opposite reaction — he’s quite at home at the DG and bad Christmas memories make him yearn to stay, so Tracy decides to bring Christmas early to the DG. Retrieved from beakef https: Filming began shortly after the end of the previous seriesin Adele’s mobile is being repaired and soon everyone at the Dumping Ground is tired of taking messages from all her boyfriends.


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Tracy Beaker Gets Real”. When Tracy gets accused of constantly lying, she promises to tell the whole truth until six o’clock, and everyone’s best kept secrets are revealed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, Duke and Bouncer set out to prove that they are good at everything that a stereotypical man is good at when Chantal claims that there are no real men at the DG.

When Tracy hears that Ben’s Aunt and Uncle are visiting, she lands herself an invitation to his house — and the foursome take a trip to the beach. Such as Tracy’s mother reguarly leaving her at home to go out with her boyfriend showing that she was unfit in the end to take care of Tracy. List of Tracy Beaker series characters. Jungle Run TV Series Meanwhile, Ben is ill, and Lol and Bouncer use this as a perfect opportunity to play with his games.

The Story of Tracy Beaker

The Top 30 Nostalgic Shows. The Story of Tracy Beaker.

It’s Bouncer’s birthday, but he is not telling Lol he’s leaving, giving the Wellards a chance to create chaos by pitting the brothers against each other. Her options are extremely dull so Bouncer is inspired to get his own job — as a paperboy. List of The Story of Tracy Beaker episodes. Lol 84 episodes, Ben Hanson When Crash hears this, the two of them become friends, due it sounding like they had something in common. But takes away the kids freedom on Saturdays.

And, things look up for Amber as she finds a couple who share her enthusiasm for motorbikes and mayhem, who also happen to be old friends of Duke’s. Meanwhile, Duke considers leaving the DG for a job in an office, leaving Sid reeling.

Bouncer and Lol’s aunt is considering taking them on full-time and Lol is excited to be leaving the DG for a life free of rules and regulations.

List of The Story of Tracy Beaker episodes. When she starts talking back to each other there is an unrealistic cartoon flashback of her mother the way Tracy would like to see her but then they show the flashback of what was really happening.

Elaine arrives at the DG epidodes check that Nathan is coming up to scratch as a trainee. Jenny has arranged a trip out for the kids at an Adventure Centre and looks forward to a day of peace and tranquillity at the DG whilst Duke and Nathan accompany the kids into the countryside.


Meanwhile, Lol holds an auction at the Kf consisting of Louise’s unwanted belongings. Amber is absent in this episode. Edit Did You Know? The Story of Tracy Beaker tracyy had two magazine collections.

Guest appearance of Justine Cbbcc Montanna Thompson. On 21 FebruaryTracy Beaker: Meanwhile, Nathan has a new girlfriend but he finds bekaer choosing between her and Dolly. Finally, the mystery is revealed — a new bad girl has arrived called Amber. I hope she will again”. The story is about Tracy Beaker a young girl who lives in Stokesley House a.

Fearing that he and his brother will be put into different homes, Lol ‘bugs’ a big staff meeting. Meanwhile, at the DG, Layla comes up with her own money-making scam — doing other residents’ homework for them charging fifty pence a sheet.

List of The Story of Tracy Beaker episodes. Delyth Thomas returned for his third series, directing seven episodes alone and three episodes with Keith Washington, who joined the directing team replacing Laurence Wilson. After falling out with Crash over a game, Rio lies to the teasing Lol that his dad is in prison.

Later, when Louise is about to meet a potential new foster family, she is worried at the thought heaker losing not only her best friend Justine but everything she knows and loves about the DG, so Tracy accompanies her on the tracyy. Four school children work for MI9, and fight against a criminal agency called skul. Bcbc Story of Tracy Beaker is a British children’s drama media franchise that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people and their care workers in care.

It’s the battle of if sexes at the DG, as the rulebook is out the window and the house is turned into a warzone. Meanwhile, Marco and Layla are convinced Wolfie has eaten their pet.