A rush of nervousness washes over her as she begins to talk, looking at the young girls reminded her of her time at the school. Wikipedia in English None. So Liselle took matter in her own hands and left so her big brother told her where are you going because mom told me to watch you a so he grab her arms and thought that her mother was judging her and everybody else. One of my mistakes is when I talk back to my mom and get in trouble. It takes a lot of energy, time, and money. To view it, click here. That didn’t work out because Liselle and her cousin planned on getting a house together ,but Liselle’s cousin likes to party to much and left her baby with Liselle one night and she had a fever.

Bluford High 1 – 10 of 21 books. She lives with her daughter in Massachusetts. I also think that the plot, characters, and the ending are perfect for this book. No current Talk conversations about this book. Have you ever saw a TV show, a relative, or read a book about a girl 16 year old pregnant without any help from the Baby’s dad. So liselle went up to the fourth level restroom and she sat up the for hours. Paperback , pages. I also think that the plot, cha I would recommend this book because it is very interesting.

I sympathize with the feelings of insecurity that led her to have such a lapse in judgment, but I hope that younger readers hear the message that she is insinuating. May 27, Kayla Grant rated it really liked it. She found that she was pregnant in school when he used a pregnancy test, she could believe it because she didn’t felt anything wrong with her, but one senior was at the school still and she went to the bathroom and saw the pregnancy test in her hands.

This book vluford place at Bluford high school, so far i had read that this book is about a girl who is pregnant, Her name is Liselle. One day her cousin left Liselle with the her baby Liselle didn’t know what to do to stop the baby from crying,when she couldn’t take it no more she called her cousins mother and told her what had happened.


Liselle and her boyfriend are still together. She was at lunch and she bljford passed out so she had to go to the nurse and her mother had to pick her up.

Today i read that liselle its really sure that she is pregnant and that now she had 2 of her friends Oscar and Kendra, she was thinking about telling her best friend but the fact that she was thinking about that her stomach twist around.

Her own best friend Monique didn’t even know, Sarah didn’t want to t I really liked the book, It was about a girl that found out she was pregnancy. Liselle is a naive teenager who likes a boy and believes all his lies unfortunately she’s been in denial about her pregnancy. Mar 17, Nek Gaspar rated it liked it. Feb 28, Kennedy rated it it was amazing. I perfer this because young girls need to think before they do anything.

Dec 10, Deonna Galvin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Will Liselle go back home with her mom or get an apartment with her cousin? I also have high regards for the triple framework in this story — Liselle at 20, Liselle at tge, and Liselle as she courts the boy.

In the end her lecture changed their lives and the way they think about life and what they would like to do in their future. Her old principle has called her back to give a pep talk to charadters girls at that school. See all 3 questions about The Test…. For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price, her moody classmate at Bluford High.

Liselles cousin had also got pregnant at a young age. Especially on pages and 92 because Leslie cousin had a child at 18 when Leslie was about 16 years old. When i read this book i thought it was gone be good which is was as soon as you start reading your not going to want to stop.

The Test (Bluford High Series #17)

Mostly because I’m just not a fan of the whole teen pregnancy thing. The next morning Liselle walked past her high school and saw her babies dad Oscar Price she calls him over and by talking to her whole world changed.


Oct 25, Cj Taylor rated it liked it. Like her relationship with Oscar another young student at Buford high she was not trying to think of.

She ran away from home and stayed with her dad for two days, felt alone; Oscar was there for the baby, but no relation with Liselle. This is exactly what occurred with Leslie Monroe a seriez schooler and during the summer not thinking she believes a boy is into her little does she know he just wants a good time. Now two hluford later this happen. It takes a lot of energy, time, and money.

The Test (Bluford High, #17) by Peggy Kern

The doctor had told that she was pregnant and her mother was just so shocked. Liselle Mason is in trouble. I was satisfied with at the end when they both came back to each other at the clinic. The doctor said she was four months pregnant and had to keep the baby. He freaked and didn’t have seeries to say.

This book is fine for me because it is the right level for me to read even though it is like a book for a fifth grader. Liselle is in trouble when she finds out shes pregnant.

How graphic is this book? As him and her ended there convocation his cousin and friends was outside of the door and they were laughing when she can out the room because they thought they were doing something and he started to shake his cousin hands and give him high fives and she was thinking that boys always do that.