By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, I can’t wait to see how Kang-jae will turn out as Gun-hee’s subordinate. I love how our OTP bicker all the time. I can’t even get Hulu so watching 12 Men raw. The only non-rude way to accept the gift is to say ‘thank you’ and quietly stick it in a closet once they leave, if it’s not a gift we like. Aiieee, yet another good drama to watch.

Kang Hye Jung looks so much like this actress in my country I couldn’t focus on the recaps! But you should probably ask my wife that question. To answer your question, I think there are separate terms for each like mat-hyung would be the oldest brother but they’re as commonly used when addressing people. Celtic FC Celtic fans rage at ‘unsporting’ Motherwell after controversial goal The incident sparked anger among the Hoops support. I really like Marriage Plot so far. I find nothing romantic about adultery and nothing wonderful about stories that make adultery seem magical and beautiful. The odd interruption is enough to distract them back to their food and Gun-hee ushers him outside. Drama’s so slow that I can’t help but have to pay attention to all the wrong things, like JGS’s bad nose job.

Bluefyre April 3, at 9: Love Rain – can definitely watch it raw without recap. Beautiful to look, yes, to recap? Then that child will take that love and accept you. I need tea and a drama.


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I think JB, GF, and the other bloggers have stated that they don’t really take comments like these to heart. She doesn’t object olot we both agree that it weeding like we are both the same age when we think of each other.

The way the mother went about finding somewhere for her baby to go was wrong, but her reasons were totally understandable and she was motivated by love and concern tye her child’s well-being.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I dont really get it but it is conveyed well enough: Hilariously, the interpreter keeps translating the meditation instructions to the Japanese investor, and the puzzled employees follow along with the exercise.

In addition, when I was originally thinking through the novel, I spent a lot of time focusing on exactly what Wilson could do for Jane as an anniversary gift.

Add and Subtract Game. A few hours spent with a baby is not going to change that, however cute she might be when she’s sleeping and laughing.

Thanks again, I hope you will be able to continue if you are able too!! I had a feeling you’d recap this jb!


And the PT was hilarious – it was totally unexpected and awesome that they actually starting following along! Your standard Saturday afternoon. Instead, I wrote about the next generation.


Senstar April 4, at 4: I like this drama but I’m okay with it. I obliged myself to watch cause i was a YSH fan, and managed to finish each episode in two minutes, just to learn how to compose a good scenery shot, and did not find myself missing out in anything tye wise.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. But not for long.

Kang-jae gives a self-satisfied smirk to her bedroom door. Thanks JB for recapping weddding drama. I read only comments of people who said the drama is boring, teh is miscast. Just be grateful someone else is recapping it at least. Inspiration for The Wedding. I watched that YG Special too, and she sounded absolutely hilarious. Now this drama is out and a lot of person in the world love it, in this forum is the same thing. Well, I don’t understand why you don’t understand. She smirks and raises a gun to his head.

Noelle April 3, at 9: Episode 5 by TeriYaki.