The other goes along the big wall. Far from the hustle and bustle of urbanlife and situated between the sky and the sea, Rangiroa is a world by itself! Look out for the schools of eagle rays and the white tip sharks that stay hidden in coral caves or just lying on the sand. This farm produces some of the most sensational pearls, and a visit here gives you insight into exactly how these beauties are cultivated. By checking this box, I accept and acknowledge having read and understood the Spotmydive terms of service and sales as well as Mangopay our payment partner. The reef is full of fish that form a semi-circle on the sandy bottom.

Diving off Rangiora is certainly among the best in the world. They gather by hundreds in the canyons and you can even watch some big S. You skirt around coral formations during the dive which are inhabited by an high concentration of tropical fish: Rangiroa Is The Answer! Around the large coral formations gravitates a multitude of fish parrots, triggers, groupers, moray and lionfish. The Avatoru Pass is much more shallow than the Tiputa Pass and is orientated different from the current as well which makes it possible to enter the pass even when the current is flowing outward.

Due to unexpected tlputa, this dive recommended is particularly for the experienced diver. The north point is also rich in gorgonian coral although there are groups of violet coral.

Hi great review I have also dived at Rangiroa and it was absoltely amazing! Grey reef sharks can be fairly docile and skittish animals who are actually quite timid around divers. This lagoon site is dotted by a myriad coral formations home to a variety of fish species.

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The dive starts on a large drop-off, meters from the entrance angle of the pass, sheltered from the strong outgoing currents and, then, move closer to the entrance of the pass.

The source emerges from 15 — 20 feet below the surface. During the second half of the dive, the group usually passes in front of the shark cave and continues its drift dive to the lagoon.

Giant specimens can appear at any moment from beyond the fore-reef. This dive is open to divers of all levels of experience. It is also the dream place for photographers in search of luminosity white sand and calm scenes sheltered from the currents.


Rangiroa is here below! Here are our top picks of the best dive destinations to visit in Where to dive in January? Avatoru is a smaller pass and renowned for its reef shark encounters. You will encounter manta rays that come to be cleaned up by cleaner wrasses. This site is ideally situated to favour unforgettable sightings of the majestic Silvertip shark Carcharhinus albimarginatus and countless other species of fish, like schools of Bigeye jackfish Caranx sexfasciatus and perhaps even the African Pompano jackfish Alectis ciliaris … Little Pass ocean drift dive: On Tahiti island, there is a modern recompression chamber facility and competent hyperbaric doctors.

You never know what you might come across. Referred to as a false pass since there is no opening in the reef. What are the dangers of scuba diving in Rangiroa? This is undoubtedly the most colorful dive experience, watching manta rays feeding themselves against the current and white tip sharks resting and quietly getting oxygen in the grottos. Dive in Tahiti and her Islands.

I have dived numerous times with dolphins in Polynesia also and have no doubt that they love playing games with humans! Dive center Boat fleet cruises Both. Be prepared for the Ali Baba canyon where the fish gather to shelter from the currents!

Didn’t find the information you we’re looking for? During the summer months shark species often outnumber divers as they gather on the famous fossilized sand bank. You can do several dives in the same area: Although the visibility in Rangiroa is fantastic, seasob fades from blue to black as you look down.

For my first dive in the splendid Tetiaroa atoll, I had the pleasure of diving at the Canyons site This dive site is located in the south of the atoll, outside the lagoon. Suggested accommodation is shown below. The dive is highly accessible to all certification levels. You are welcomed by dozens of multicoloured fish among beautiful coral heads. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This dive has amazing underwater topography: But it does not mean that other schools are not accepted or even recognized — the center is even a PADI resort — but other certification titles are considered by the CMAS as equivalents only.


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Site located around Papeete, next to the main port, near the pass. The water was so clear that it truly took my breath away for the first few minutes with the shock of the clearness of the water! From the coral drop-off, you will meet lemon sharks, black tip sharks, humphead maori wrasses, moray eels, hammerhaed …. At this time of the year, there are often great srason of stingrays seeking for unison to challenge the attacks of starving great hammerheads.

This is a fantastic opportunity for divers to witness a lot of the non shark species which we have in Rangiroa.

Diving Rangiroa

The dive is highly accessible to all certification levels Myripristis Soldierfish Reef Ocean Hammerhad is the scientific name of the myriad soldierfish that populate this coral reef. Dive Centers in Rangiroa. Eden park Ocean After 15 minutes from the divecenter you start the dive on a white sandy plateau scattered with various coral formations.

There hhammerhead two curiosities: At first I found sharks to be terrible but as I go…. The Angle hamerhead situated between Tiputa pass, offering a view of the Tiputa pass and at the same time of the external drop-off of the open ocean. Along with stunning beaches, the atoll is famous for its pelagic animals — which include sharks and bottle nose dolphins. Every boat is equipped with Oxygenotherapy devices, first aid kit, and VHF radio permanently connected to the center.

The equivalence principle implies that all level 1 and level 2 certifications from any other school will be considered as level 1 CMAS and that divers can get assistance down to a maximum depth of 95 feet — for instance, an Open Water PADI certificate and an Advanced Open Water PADI certificate will be considered as equivalent regarding the maximum depth. Dolphins were swimming and playing all around us, passing among the divers, one minute upside down, next minute on its side, up high, down low….

The 3 wrecks serve as artificial reefs to this area: