But how about we keep this drama’s commentary mostly on the drama? She’s just plain annoying, so I really don’t get it; what’s the point of having her here? He is moved by Jae-hee and we feel the change in his feelings. Also, it happens to be their last night together as roomies. I know what you mean when you said ” They even take a selca together. And ugh, please, for the sake of my remaining Nanba-love, not Hanna!!

They cook and play together Jae-hee shows off a smiley Tae-joon squash and Tae-joon carves out a potato likeness of Jae-hee. I agree about the music and sounds. Jung Hoon makes me go weak at the knees. How I feel right now about all the characters: As sad as it is for Eun-gyul, he’s still young and bubbly so I’m confident he will overcome being rejected. Ha — I love how Jae-hee tries to leave when Tae-joon appears but he just pulls her back by the collar. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Jae-hee mentions that Hanna must not like her very much.

Remind me never to go in a cave while visiting Korea, there will surely be some sort of liver eating supernatural creature lurking in the darkness… Love the gumiho reference ha ha This poor girl.

Of course, all of the other Genie High cuties don’t hurt either! Anxiously waiting to watch at Viki with subs or not!!! I admit I’m not even watching this but Eun-gyul all the way yo!

OhmyGod more Eun-gyul fantasies hahaha what acrobatics, Jae-hee’s not Hanna you know I just got done watching a mess of Infinite videos and my face is so red because L is so cute, haha! Jealous Tae-joon makes a triumphant return, sending death glares to Jung-hoon and balling up his fist. All I know is I find her sweet and innocent and I really do like her a lot.


The thought worries him and he runs out… the very moment Jae-hee returns from dinner. Now that he thinks about it, he jokes that he should have tried harder to talk her out of it.

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Jealous Tae-Joon is so heartwarmingly hilarious that I’ve developed a hardcore noona crush. And why should Jae-hee automatically think the other Taejoon and Eun-gyul like her because of the things they did for her? Later on I saw a picture of Minho as a baby, and damn he was a beautiful baby. In comparison, Sulli’s acting falls flat. And the show is picking up but probably a little too late to rescue its ratings. IKR, the illustrations for Hana Kimi are just so graceful.

Hanna acts on her hunch, following Jae-hee out, finding it strange that she keeps running away. Awww, no comical Doc-admirer.

I am solely intersted in the actor’s skills. But we kind of don’t get that explanation from the drama alone; I just filled in the blanks from Sano’s motivation in the manga.

To the Beautiful You

Hope this continues to be awesome!!! I think Hanna does have some right to be pissed as hell.

As gummi says, I’ll try to to overanalyze and overthink the plot s. Eungyul has been consistently awesome since the first episode. I ylu really tried or checked it though. How funny is that Episodw looks up at the meteor shower and casually wishes for a girlfriend and then Hanna appears? I could hardly stand Minho with his shirt dramacrszy, but shirtless? Yes, and that boy can sing! You imagine these idols would be immune to such things, since they are filmed doing everything during their careers, Filiming intimate scenes like that, even though you have to fake it, must make you feel vulnerable.


I know it’s not that important right now, but I think there’s something in there. I could kick that girls ass at a marathon and I am not a talented runner by any means.

Loved his worm impression! I would dare say that this is my favorite episode so far 1. Thanks for the recap and making me LOL at work! Yet at the same time, I understand how Tae-joon can feel that all Jae-hee wanted was for him to high jump again. Lots of Eun Gyeol love here, and I expect more seeing that he got a new haircut for episode 9. Eun-gyul stands frozen at the sight of Tae-joon and Jae-hee who hastily sit up in bed.

I’m so glad he came into the story; another guy to compete for Jae Hee’s feelings!! Taejoon is back jumping and has decided not to quit after all! I felt my blood boil when Hanna stormed into their room and stole Jae Hee’s cream from her drawer. Jung-hoon bites his lip and swallows hard, nervous for his next few words:.