Lady Edith needs to up her game. The only thing wrong were the Russian accents. I can see them getting dirty on the dance floor. The main thing is the cast. Did anyone see that hoot of a christmas special where the Crawley family single-handedly saved the reputation of the Prince of Wales, and hence the monarchy? No, they weren’t slumming but the picture in r is off in many ways. Lots of guys must have tried to make the best of it in those days by marrying. So they’re adding Islamic militants to this season?

Joking aside, Thomas character is terribly underwritten and Rob James Collier is a fine actor. And summer camp movies. Guilty Hearts – MovieTickets. Those two started sweet but seems to me the truth is Bates is actually quite an asshole. I can’t imagine Isobel and Dickie won’t marry. Lady Mary is fast becoming Lady Macbeth. I loved how Thomas was Mary’s, ‘go-to’ for nefarious doings.

Hughes had a boob lift? I’m surprised to say it, but I would actually like to see more of Rose.

Downton Abbey Season 5

He looks like Jason Lee. I thought the bronchitis was going to carry her off, but no. It’s coming, though; you watch. Some blonde guy dodnton toys with Thomas while throwing off bitchy bon mots. Will be interesting to see how the Fellowes man squares this plot line, or even if he will try now that he is coming to the USA for another project.

She’s in an ongoing sitcom called “Benidorm” which she was in before DA and you can watch on Youtube. It’s alot more cynical and deep. The TV landscape in January is always a little quieter, with fewer mid-season replacements competing for noise.


Because he is being shown in the bedroom a lot more — sometimes in rages of fury and passion — and the mind cannot help but wander. Misfits is a hell of a lot more entertaining.

To give Charles and Sebastian “youth” as it were took lots of good lighting, make-up and camera angles. Will the ghost of Lady Sybil be doing nude scenes?

I’m planning on setting up a special rendezvous in the Red Room so Mr.

Downton Abbey S06E09 part 1/2

Math will come in handy, whether she wants to run it or sell it. All I could think was how fucking square the three of them looked. Nir Bergman Highest Rated: I would be very surprised if the spoon in question is placed on the wrong side of the bed.

The fact he barely touched her when in bed and that he was near to tears watching from the window as Maurice goes off to start a life with Scudder doesn’t seem to hit her radar.

Get updates via email: I am watching the show for two characters only: Set about the same era ‘s it does a better job IMHO of capturing a period English country house, it’s owners, servants and guests. At the same sseason, cooks were just called cook. R3, it’s the twinkling of an eye, dearie. He’s a sweet man. What is there to explore? Does anyone here use Hola? Well, since you bring it up Uptown, and as it is a British show about episodee early part of the 20th Century, it appears there is another fork to the left of the frame, which would mean that the inner fork and spoon were for dessert.


He’s the kiss of death on tv. There were a couple of times last season when Thomas traveled as valet to Robert. Nanny was the only staff that was both upstairs and down and lived in a tween world as children were seen for minutes a day.

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Very well abbsy actually. Their new shows are sprinkled throughout the year. His response was basically “publish and be damned” and suggested LM go off to America to grandmama’s in Long Island till the scandal blows over. If he’s a monster, let it all come out publicly so he’s taken away or episods. It is obvious that Lord Merton is used to navigating waters swarming with the likes of Violet and he acknowledges that Isobel needs be chaperoned by the likes of Violet.