Shaina backfires at Nani and grabs her hand. They decide to add a powder into Mishri’s drink so that when she drinks it, she gets drunk. A Star Is Born 7. But Sanjana’s father, who has aldready accepted the marriage makes her realise her love for Ajay. The next day, the boy arrives along with his family and is made aware of Mishri’s condition. In the process, both of them burn their hands. Sanjana tortures the family so the torn apart family will come together to fight against her. Sanjana claims that tomorrow is Karva Chauth and she would get her husband back.

His best friend Ajju is in love with Sanjana. Retrieved from ” https: Credits Producer 1 Credit Shashi Mittal. Sanjana tells Mishri that she would set everything thing right and get her married to Anuj. While Ajay is confessing, Shania captures it so she can bring down the family. Shaina clams that she is able to see the footwear of the three people but unable to see their faces properly.

Screenwriter 1 Credit Sumeet H Mittal. Ajay likes Sanjana but hides his feelings as he does not want to hurt Ajju. Shaina is able to mix the powder into Mishri’s drink but before she could have her drink, Ajay comes out of nowhere and drinks it.

Ajay claims that he murdered his best friend. Sanjana requests the police to allow her attend Mishri’s wedding. Both of them share an emotional conversation. It is time for Mishri’s engagement but Shreya and Shaina craft a plan to insult her. Credits Producer 1 Credit Shashi Mittal. The show is set in Agra. The Pethewala family is happy with the wedding proposal that has arrived for Mishri. Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi The series is a tale of a happy family of five brothers and cst sisters.


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Shaina then humhi Sanjana’s belongings out of Ajay’s room and bids her goodbye. What will Ajay answer Sanjana now? In the meantime, Shreya has faked a pregnancy to stay in the family but Bhushan suspects her and finds out her lies. On the other hand, Anuj is still unconscious and the man who has disguised himself as Anuj sits at the ‘mandap’ to marry Mishri.

Will Shaina be able to prepare better Biryani than Sanjana? Married at First Sight.

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Shaina tries to play one of her games where she gets a crystal ball and says it would help her to find Ajju’s murderer. Anuj’s family asks for Mishri’s hand in marriage. Shaina then pulls out a wedding card and places it into Sanjana’s hand, claiming that tomorrow is her uo Ajay’s wedding. On the day of the wedding, Sanjana is arrested for Ajju’s murder.

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Shreya however manages the situation and makes her way out. Ajay is the youngest son of the Pethewala family. It comes to light that Ajju did not die and instead he was saved by Shreya and now he has been planning all along with her.

Mishri is not ready to listen to anything from Sanjana and asks her not to talk in Anuj’s favour. She tells Mishri that Anuj would come back for her. Views Read Edit View history. While Sanjana is away from her stove, Shaina pushes her pot off the stove.

Ajay tends to Sanjana’s burns and he applies ointment to her hand. On the other hand, Shaina visits Ajay and requests him to help her out in wearing a Saree. Shreya regrets her mistakes and asks forgiveness from the family.


Nani finds Shaina in the kitchen preparing food for the family. Shaina and Shreya talk about their success in the plan. Mishri, on the other hand, gets emotional with her family around.

Will Mishri be able to expose Ajju? Will this behavior of Shreya give rise to a doubt in Bhushan’s mind? Shaina accepts the challenge and promises to emerge victorious. Hearing this, Sanjana steps forward and claims that she is the murderer of Ajju and not Mishri. The story ends with whole family dancing. The whole family gets entertained seeing the dance performance of Ajay performs a dance. Will Bhushan get any proof of Ajju’s whereabouts?

At the same time, Shaina shows up at the scene and hugs Ajay. Ajay asks Shaina to reveal on whose orders she is doing all this. Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz. Into The Blue 3. Elaichi challenges Shaina to prepare the food better than Sanjana.

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But Sanjana’s father, who has aldready accepted the marriage makes her realise her love for Ajay. The family comes together as Mishri falls unconscious. Shaina clams that she sakya able to see the footwear of the humhi people but unable to see their faces properly.

Both the boys and his family are taken aback but this news. Keep watching to find out. While Mishri is about to leave the house, Anuj confronts her and asks her to stay calm and not to interfere in Sanjana’s case.