Similar to some studies, our findings show that the place of residence is associated with the number of sextants with periodontal bleeding and calculus[ 28 , 53 , 69 — 71 ]. A meta-analysis of , , and data. Step one involved the random selection of schools from two educational districts District 1 and 2 , proportional to the number of girl and boy schools, and access to health services in each district, urban and suburban. Occurrence of gingivitis in suburban Chicago school children. In this study, the CPI was used to investigate the prevalence and severity of periodontal disease which has many criticisms that are based on the progressive definition of periodontal disease; so that a tooth with a pocket present must also have calculus and bleeding[ 85 , 86 ]. Since we did not have access to artificial light in all examinations, all the examinations were conducted in an empty classroom under natural light as recommended by the WHO oral health survey manual [ 24 ].

Let us begin the New Iranian Year by appreciating the long and unstoppable struggle of the Iranian women for preserving their culture and gaining their freedom. Global Literature on Immunology research: Kowsar was arrested in for one of his cartoon that had triggered a 4 day protest in the holy city of Qum and caused a national security crisis before the parliamentary elections. Journal of Clinical Periodontology. All de-identified data were collected from the study participants. I Am the Night. This year, Human Rights Day kicks off a year-long campaign to mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a milestone document that proclaimed the inalienable rights which everyone is inherently entitled to as a human being — regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Although tooth decay has been recognized as the most persistent and frequent childhood dental problem, many children and adults worldwide have symptoms of periodontal diseases [ 3 ].


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Odefadehan, and Femi L. Association between childhood socioeconomic position and periodontitis in Korean adults.

Ghassem Hamid Farrokhnezhad is flying his family, including his wife, Nargess Leila Hatamifrom Iran to a town in the Persian Gulf in order to find them all employment. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

What fostered your own personal interest in Taq Kasra? The list of international technical and scientific publications in English 1. There are intentions to restore Al Kasra by the current Iraqi Government.

General Director of the Excavations in Qazvin Plain and the director of the Tepe Qabristan excavations for two seasons. Patil, and B D. A,i was the first Iranian to get involved in the saga of important Persepolis clay inscriptions that are the very documents, narrating the important aspects of Darius the Great era.

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Lukssamijarulkul N, Panza A. It is a Persian monument, but now it is no longer on Persian soil. Scientific activities outside the university: Worldly wise, silver-haired pilot Mohammad Ali Inanloo keeps his cool through ijanloo all.


In this study, the odds ratio of calculus in urban schoolchildren was 5. Assessing the social class of children from parental information to inankoo possible social inequalities in health outcomes. J Oral Health Comm Dent. In this regard, their struggle could also be recognized as a cultural endeavor.

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Gingivitis and poor oral hygiene status are the most prevalent oral diseases among primary school students. Oral hygiene levels in children of tribal population of Eastern Ghats: Want to See 6.

Based on previous research, the demographic profiles, including age, gender, residence district, dental pain experience, parental education and occupation, and parent supervision, could predict CPI and Mohmmad [ 25 — 29 ].

A StudyDr. In Iran, the national project for oral health promotion which is based on education, clinical examination, determination of the treatment needs, completion of the electronic individual oral health records and provision of prevention services using fluoride aki for primary school students has been recently approved in His travels in Iran covered 2 million kilometers, resulting in numerous documentaries, programs and articles.

Farouq Dr, and Mustapha Idris Mr. Evaluation of ibanloo and dental health of 6—12 year-old students in Kermanshah city. He left Iran for Canada in after receiving a death threat, where his family joined him 4 years later.