It’s your ass that’s the fuck I gotta go to court for. Everybody was just tryin’ to buy a copy of it. They’ll never forget you, ’cause I never forgot a person, never. He’s an interesting person. Because back then, if that bitch would’ve slapped me on my face, I would’ve beat that bitch up. And my teeth came out. I’m lettin’ him wear the best clothing there is.

And then I went home and just fell asleep, and that day was the best. I ain’t gonna talk, but y’all niggas wanna see this. Last time, it was like he was gettin’ beat up ’cause Now I’m gonna fuck the police up. I just want him takin’ his time. You know, dealin’ with all of this shit Yo, Pug done get robbed.

We gonna ride, nigga. How much you gonna sell it to me for? I’m tryin’ to be on YouTube. Hey Is that my brother’s keeper? His dominance and title are challenged by Kid Well, let’s fuck them.

Something wrong with his mind frame. I tell Marvin, “Don’t try to outrun him,” ’cause I know whedlie can’t ride that good. I think he gonna grow up to bpyz somethin’. His body was like They crazy out here. Like, we was right there where they were. I should slap the shit out you I don’t wanna be in the front or in the middle of the pack. This is what we do. Gospel, Up-tempo ] This a, um, baby map turtle.


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I mean, they firing firefighters and police. He don’t tell me the good stuff, ’cause I’m the aunt.

So when you were gonna tell me somebody stole the bike? But he was back and forth, in and out of jail.

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It just spread like wildfire. It’s a dangerous and illegal Baltimore tradition It look good when you see a little guy, real small, wheelie’n’ a bike. He been gone since 9: The boy comin’ up with the dirt bike.

I have a Ph. Trust me on that one. Another Chino, another Greatest One. They get this kick out of ridin’ past the main police headquarters, right on the edge of the block where the strip clubs and the main police headquarters is.

You don’t know how it was when I was ridin’ Sunday with the pack. I pay their fuckin’ salary. This is how we do, man, all day.


Frankly, I don’t care if one of them dies. Uh, I been on this earth for a decade Das sind 3 Typen, die dem tristen Alltag dieser Umgebung entfliehen! Even though he up there in age a little bit. All this east-side stuff dangerous.

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I’ll see you tomorrow, all right? They fuck my kids. This bitch right here is not leavin’.

You don’t appreciate shit, Pug. Well, how you know my big brother? I know I would’ve. How you get caught?