Sep 07, Posts: For those quests you have to fight 86 regular mobs , and 30 Defeat and Collect quests. We do get to do some important quests and progressive storyline there. Many PvPers use almost all of their training points. However, let the small mistakes slip for now, if you can… They will be fixed sometime later! A true villain indeed!

I’ve been working on a site update for quite some time. Throughout the second arc Morganthe’s master plan and backstory was revealed little by little, the major event in each world affected the overarching story. I don’t see what the big deal is. I’ve avoided sidequests and entered Khrysalis at Currently, Khrysalis gives 7 levels worth of XP from 90, and not including any sidequests other than the TP quests in Part 1 alone. DragonLady on May 22, wrote:.

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suests This is from a training point quest, not levelling, and I said that this was compared to other level wizards who completed Khrysalis after the Polaris release. Tell me, name at least one person on YouTube who doesn’t PvP. I have been playing Wizard for a long time now.

Khrysalis is not only the magnum opus of Wizard, but should be the model of how Kingsisle writes and designs quests for future Worlds. DragonLady on May 24, wrote:. Storyliine point is khyrsalis those who completed Khrysalis when it was the last world have the same advantages as those who completed it later, but with a lower level.


There is lots of running back and forth between areas which made writing this guide difficult as well! You have been blocked from posting on these Message Boards.

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The main villain of Khrysalis, Morganthe, is probably the most formidable enemy that we have ever faced. Dec 31, Posts: Pirate Skeleton Key Bosses: I have enjoyed playing every world but none of them have been as fun to play as Khrysalis.

I think it’s perfect the way it is. Wizard UK published by Gameforge.

This is the training point from the obelisk orb quest. And the final battle with her in Khrysalis was built up.

She also indirectly plunged Avalon into disarray and crystallized the City of Bastion. Players can still have fun doing what they do best. From liberating Bastion and Sardonyx, beating the khryysalis, defeating Atlach-Leng, restoring the Astral relics, learning Shadow Magic and controlling it, crossing the Starfall Sea and descending into the Black Hole.

But the Cabal, and even Malistaire, seems like a bigger threat than the Rat and the Scorpion.

Throughout the second arc Morganthe’s master plan and backstory was revealed little by little, the major event in each world affected the overarching story. My favorite quest has to be the one where you have to catch the cute little fish in Pitch Black Lake. Dec 24, Posts: Khrysalis also has another thing going for it khrysalid that is the gradual build up to the resolution of the arc.


Freshta on May 23, wrote:. Such a short world! The Arcanum with quests in Avalon, Zafaria and Celestia.

Moon Cliffs with a few quests in the Bastion. Azteca is a difficult world to cut into areas. I don’t see what the big deal is. This guide is meant to give you courage while questing.

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I’ve compiled a comp It’d be one thing khrjsalis only storyliine specific wizard got a lot of XP, but everyone gets the same amount, so why does it make a difference?

A true villain indeed! By stark contrast, Morganthe personally took part in the story, and we saw the evil she’s capable of doing. AND just how is it you seem to know exactly what quest the training points are from. Patrick Ravenbane on May 25, wrote:.