Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Patrasche — Meitantei Rascal Yamato nadeshiko Shichi Henge , lit. With the costs of housing in Japan, this is a dire penalty indeed. Aside from hoping Tamao’s calm demeanor will change Ranmaru’s womanizing habits, both Ranmaru’s parents are extremely fond of her and would like her to become their daughter-in-law. The manga’s plot focuses on Sunako Nakahara, a girl who was called ugly by the first boy she had a crush on and isolated herself from life, sociability and care for her physical appearance.

The Movie Marco: In response, she took to shunning light forever, hiding her face behind long black hair and devoting her life to horror, gore and darkness. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He’s the most “normal” of the four boys; before coming to live at the mansion he had a normal school life with a middle-class family. Machiko is Yuki’s girlfriend. He is described as a caring feminist and is rather shy.

Whether this change was made due to growing popularity or the initial reception is unknown. Jan 15, – Mar 19, Network: She’s a Creature of Darkness and damn well proud of it.

He has a strained relationship with his mother because of the trouble his good looks brought to their household with many girls bombarding their house with letters and phone calls for himand was found by the Landlady on the streets where she brought him to the household to live. He can be seen in both the manga and the anime version. Jun 26, rrama of 10 episodes seen.

Ymato is also shown to have a fondness of Sunako, while Ginshiro shares Yuki’s same fear of Sunako’s horror items. Originally, he wanted to challenge Kyohei to a fight to see who was stronger, but later changed it to a fight for Sunako’s affections, believing that Kyohei was Sunako’s boyfriend.


When I grow up The series ended in January after 36 volumes.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The self-proclaimed “head of the National Boss Association”, a street gangster from Kumagoroshi who falls for the SD Sunako, much to the surprise of everyone surrounding him.

The most intellectual of the four, Takenaga is called the “Boss” a pun on his personal name in Japanese, which can be read as buchoumeaning “boss” by his friends and is the least fazed by Sunako’s morbid habits. Even kyohej he rejects Kikunoi’s love for him, he begins to develop feelings for her.

The Wallflower is about Sunako Nakahara, whose first love, in response to her confession told her “I don’t like ugly girls”. He’s also the shortest and shyest, with a ” cute ” face, and has been called on very reluctantly to dress up as a girl on more than one occasion. Hiroshi-kun is an anatomical figureSunako’s most precious possession and best friend.

However, in reality Sunako has not changed at all. A Boy From Italy Sinbad: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You will probably get hungry reading it. The opening theme “Slow” plays over recycled footage from the first episode, and is more of a love ballad. The boys are not surprised to discover that Sunako’s father is physically huge and not particularly attractive and are more worried about his protective streak towards his daughter, who became increasingly distant towards him and refused to let him into her room.


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Her classmates include a trio of girls named Nana, Nene, and Nono who are friendliest with her. List of The Wallflower episodes. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. This is a list of fictional characters, main characters as well as some supporting characters from The Wallflowera Japanese manga that was also adapted into an anime series and a live-action drama. sunaako

You need to login to do this. The Movie Marco: A notable aspect to their characters is that naeshiko of actively pursuing their crushes, they instead sit in the background and waited for them to notice them instead.

The issue is made worse because she can’t look at “Bright Creatures” like them without getting a nosebleedand this predictably puts some stains on their relationship.

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Tegoshi Yuya Yukinojo Toyama. I must say that it is impossible for me to become like Hikaru Genji. Get Known if you don’t have an account. He also has two yaato siblings named Gin and Yae.